What not to leave in the car in summer?

On a hot summer day, the temperature in the car can be much higher than in the outside. If there is at least 30 degrees outside, the temperature inside the car can quickly reach 60 degrees, within 90 minutes, which is no longer safe for the things in it.

While most people know that don’t leave children and pets in the car in the summer, but they forget easily other things.


You shouldn’t leave in the car in summer…


On the box of most medicinal products we can see that we have to store it at room temperature and we shouldn’t expose to too warm, the heat reduces efficiency and stability (in the extreme heat changes the molecular structure of the substance). If you are not sure whether they are safe in the car, let’s look at the packaging to see what producers offer as ideal storage temperatures.


The sun creams become hot in the car and in use we can burn our skin with it, but often their composition will change because of the heat.


They are small but dangerous if you leave them in the hot car in summer. They may explode and cause damage to the car. On each products there are a warning label that shouldn’t be exposed to temperatures above 50 degrees, and direct sunlight. In the car the temperature can reach up to 60 degrees in summer, which is a very unstable environment for the storage of lighters.

Sunglasses, glasses

The high temperature will soften the framework and also the holders of the glasses, which changes its shape. By the way, most glasses lens contains polycarbonate, which has a melting point at 70 degrees. Yes, it’s a hot summer day the car can heat up so much. The temperature can distort the fabric so that the glasses become unusable. So the warm can destroy both the frame and the lenses.


sunglasses in the car
The sunglasses we often leave in the car, but unless we want to throw them away, not worth the risk. When traveling we have to pay attention not to leave it in the luggage because there they can be also harm by the warm. Always take them with us.

Electrical equipment

Never leave the electrical devices, such as MP3 players, cameras, GPS (!), in the car. Not only the heat has a bad effect on them, but it can be dangerous. The lenses, memory cards and other items can be destroyed after a few minutes hot. The batteries, it we leave them in the car, are very dangerous because the harmful acid can leak from them and cause respiratory, eye and skin irritation.


Most car have a CD player, and often a DVD or Blu-ray player too. Most of CD, DVD, Blu-ray are made of polycarbonate, which can easily lose its shape when we leave in the car.

Makeup, lipstick

If the temperature is above room temperature, lipsticks, lip lotions, oils, waxes can melt. Even if later we cool down them, their composition may change due to heat, for example lipstick may have a different color effects than sooner. Because of the rich pigment content they can cause stubborn dirt on the car’s upholstery.
It also includes hair sprays, deodorants. They are flammable materials: in heat the bottle come under pressure and if the pressure is too much, they can explode.


The crayons and color books are good tools to entertain the kids on the road, but sometimes one gets out of the box, they fall to the floor and we forget it completely. They can melt in the hot and the color will burn in the car’s upholstery.

Plastic bottles

The shape of plastic bottles will not change until we keep them at room temperature. But in the summer the plastic can easily melt in the car. Never drink from a plastic bottle, which we left in the car before, because if the bottle heated up, the chemicals used for making the bottle can pollute the drink and toxic substances can enter into our bodies.

plastic bottles in the car
Canned carbonated drinks

Because of their small size, they can easy slide under the seat, or we simply forget to drink them. The heat can cause these little bottles’ explosion.

Chocolate, candy, sweets

If we don’t want to find a puddle of melted chocolate in the car, we shouldn’t leave them in it in the summer. A well-wrapped, but melted candy we can put in the freezer to be hard again, but other candy after melting we couldn’t replace.


Meats, milks are the most unpleasant, as they leave a terrible smell in the car when they get warm.


Cooked food we also shouldn’t leave in the car. Despite we cooked them previousl, still there are bacteria which are active at a high temperature enough to cause significant stomach discomfort. Furthermore, the products containing milk, mayonnaise, deteriorate the high temperature too …

Other Things

Rubber gloves (may melt), flip-flops (may melt), glue (the cap can fleck and glue can leak out), credit card (may bend, magnetic strip can damage) or anything that contains alcohol or ammonia.


So what not to leave never in the car?
  • medicines
  • sunscreen
  • eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses
  • vegetables, fruit, chocolate, milk
  • soda cans, plastic bottles
  • deodorant, air freshener sprays, hair spray, etc..
  • makeup, perfumes
  • credit card
  • lighter
  • electrical devices, USB stick, memory card
  • batteries
  • crayons, candles