10 tips if you drive abroad

Before a long trip you should pay attention to many things (hotel booking, asking for holiday from the work, small animals, etc ..), so often you leave the control of the car to the last minute. Often you take so much for granted that the car is “good” that you forget to check it.

We bring a ten list to help determine that in aspect from the car you made all effort to the undisturbed holiday…


1. Make sure you are fully insured
Most insurance companies offer a comprehensive European insurance package for a minimal fee. Of you rent a car, the car rental company’s staff can provide information about the insurance.

2. Breakage Insurance
It can destroy the whole vacation. However, the European Insurance can minimize or even eliminate the problems it involved.

3. Basic kits in the car
Wherever you plan your trip, there are some things that are essential equipment in the car.
Bulbs, reflective vest, warning triangle – obligatory in some countries, in others only count on additional equipment.

4. Check the engine, the car
Instead of you should deal with this during the holidays, it’s better if you perform in advance. You can take to a car repair or you can do it alone. Check the tires pressure, oil level, coolant level, windshield washer fluid, etc ..

5. Don’t forget any paper
Many people fall into the trap that they forget to bring their driver’s license. But if the police stopped us because of anything, this will be the first thing that he will ask from you. Probable he asks the certificate of insurance as well.

drive abroad


6. Do not break the law
In case of serious misconduct the police could defeat your driver’s license, even abroad. If there’s nobody in the car, who has a valid driver’s license, your car can even be lost. And because you are in Italy or Croatia on holiday, you don’t believe that the parking attendants will not punish you just because you are tourists.

7. Pay attention to the criminals
The people on holiady often ignore that in the perfect environment where they are, may be criminals. The carjacking (the robbers take domination over the car) is unfortunately popular everywhere. Therefore, it is best if you shut the doors and not getting out of the car, unless sm uniformed police officers request it from you. The car with foreign registration plates are frequently targeted by thieves, so if possible, do not leave anything in the car in front, and do not forget the important papers in it (passport, driving license, registration certificate).

8. Learn the rules of the country
When you travel abroad, always check traffic rules in advance. Speed limits and traffic regulations can be different across countries.

9. Strange Laws
You have to always respect the laws of that country. In Spain, for example, the person who wearing glasses should keep a spare glasses in the car. Many large cities are divided into zones for special entry permission is required.

10. Rental Reminders
If you choose to use rental cars, you should watch out for more factors. Shoot the car during the pick-up, and drop time, so you can avoid that the rental company charge you for something what you are not caused. If you receive an invoice, check. It is not unusual that even the big-name car rentals try to pull off money for things that you didn’t do, eg. give the car off late, drop off the car not at the pre-arranged place.


Pay attention also to the following:
  • If you’re in a busy place and before you leave you place your bag in the passenger seat, but did not get in on that side, always close the car while you walk to the other side. The thieves can highlight the bag in an instant.
  • In the city center, where the traffic lights often stop you, do not travel with the full open windows open. There are thieves who are watching the cars, and in a careless moment they steal your bag.
  • If you travel on deserted roads and someone shows that his car broke down, do not stop. If you’re on busy road, you can stop it, but you don’t get out of the car.
  • Do not leave items in your car which reveal that you are tourists.
  • Always park the car in light, secure place, if possible.