Enquiry, booking

The quote, reservation is made in writing, through our website “Online Request” form.
Your order, reservation will be confirmed with a unique reservation number.

Vehicle Pick-Up / Drop-off

Pick-Up and Drop-Off of the vehicle must be done on the place designated in the contract, otherwise the company may charge additional fees.
Budapest Airport is about 5 minutes from depot to pick-up, (free to use in working hours). Transport from and to the airport is free of charge for our customers.
The process of pick-up/drop-off takes about 10-15 minutes. Our colleagues check the reqired documents, fill the contract and sort the payments/deposits. If there is any damage on the vehicle those should be marked on the contract before leaving with the current fuel level. After the procedure our colleagues hand over the car and will give you directions or answer any questions you may have about the car rental.

Documents required

  • Photo ID (passport or ID card)
  • Proof of address
  • Valid driver’s license (3 years of driving experience, you are not older than 78)
  • Embossed credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Flight ticket or utility bill

Easy to understand Rental Agreement

When forming the contract used by the company our main focus was that our car rental fees are easily comprehensible, so that you can quickly start and be on your way.
The official language of the contract is Hungarian.
Upon signing, take some time for through reviews, ask colleagues for help.


Insurance is always an important issue, so our vehicles have the following:


Does not cover

Liability Insurance Compulsory insurance required by law in Hungary, which covers damageinjury caused for another person or property. In case of theft or attempted theft
In case of vehicle damage
personal property in the event of vehicle theft
in case of driver injury
Breakage Insurance
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
It covers damage to your car.
A non-reimbursable contribution is according to the chosen insurance.
In case of non-acceptance of the insurance and causing a damage the customer must take full financial responsibility for the repair costs.
The tyres, rims, antenna, skirting, roof injuries, missfueling or any damage to the interior
Theft Protection (TP) Covers in the event of theft or attempted theft. Theft and in case of total loss, the customer must pay according to the contract. The customer must protect the vehicle with all the means available against theft, must lock the vehicle at all times when not in use. Do not leave valuables in the vehicle when it is parked, always try to find a guarded parking place.

For any damage resulting from non-compliance with the above the customer must take full financial responsibility and pay the full amount of the total cost of restoration!

In case of problems

Our car rental company has support desk and service facilities at Budapest.

In case of failure or detecting malfunction with the vehicle, phone our company or the emergency service with the following number +36 30 3735102

After recieving the emergency call our collegaues will depart within an hour, repair the car or offer an exchange vehicle.

The car can only be serviced with the permission of the rental company, except for the re-fueling or filling other lubricants and in the case of puncture.

After the emergency call it may take several hours for our colleagues to arrive to your location, depending of your distance from Budapest. The company can not be held responsible for the resulting damage.

In case of unjustified emergency, the fee shall be paid by the customer.

In urgent cases, if you decide to leave the damaged vehicle, the customer has full responsibility up until our collegaues arrive and check the car.

In this case, we recommend the greatest possible care in a safe parking, shut off and lock the car and take photographs. The registration certificate and keys can be picked up only by authorized company personnel.

Traffic rules

  • Speed limit in residential areas: 50 km/h
  • Speed limit outside residential areas: 90 km/h
  • Speed limit motorway: 130 km/h
  • Drive: On the right side
  • Permitted blood alcohol level: 0,0 % Zero Tolerance
  • Seat belts: Mandatory
  • Required equipment: Warning triangle, first aid kit and safety vests are required.
  • Child seat: Up to 12 years of age or below 150 cm.
  • Mobile phone: Only allowed to use hands-free.
  • Toll charges: The use of the highways are only allowed for a fee.
  • Special parking regulations: Yellow line on the edge of the road: a stop prohibited.
  • Other rules: Mandatory use of dipped headlights outside residential areas.

In the request of the authorities, we will give your details to them.

In the of case breaking the rules and causing expenses to our company, the customer must pay for all additional charges.

The amount of damage caused, and the administration of the rental fee under the contract will be deducted from your bank account or debit card.

We ask you to respect the rules.

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