Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions in connection with  car rental.

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Who can drive the rental car?

Every driver who is indicated in the rental contract can drive the rental car. In the contract, you normally can designated two person, as a driver, of course, in an emergency obviously you can change it, but you must notify our car rental company about the changes.

Need I an international driving license to the renting?

The condition of the car rental you need to have at least 1 year old valid driving license and identity card / passport. International driving license is required for a license issued with non-latin characters.

How is calculated the length of the car rental?

One rental day means a 24 hour time period. So if someone in Monday at 16.00 would like to hire a car, and on the next day at 19.00 would like to drop off it, this count two days in respect of car hire. However, a surplus in one hour or less we don’t charge as an extra day.

When should I pay the deposit?

The deposit will be locked at the time of the ‘takeover’ of the rental car. To avoid problems, it is important to pay attention not to be set a too low daily limit on the credit card and the limit you should be increase in advance.

The basic amount of the deposit is 100,000 HUF. To the deposit we need the following information of the credit card:

  • a credit card number (4 * 4 digits)

  • the card expiry date

  • and the code CV2 (the three-digit number in the signature strip at back of the card)

The amount of the deposit is deducted from the card?

The deposit will not be deducted from the credit card, it only will be blocked in that amount. This authorization is not a real transaction, has no transaction costs. When the renter returns the rental car, the deposit will be released. There are some of the credit cards, however, on which can’t be locked sum, in this case we will take off the money from the card.

When do I get to this amount back?

After the elimination of pre-authorize the turnaround time is approximately 2-3 days. In some cases, you may find that the amount are not visible on the bill even after 1-2 weeks either. In this case, don’t worry, our company released the deposit, the problem is likely that the communication between the banks is slow.

Just embossed cards can be used?

To the renting you must have a valid credit card or embossed international credit cards (Amex, Visa, Mastercard). The embossed card is more useful, so we prefer this type.

When and how can I pay the rent?

The renting costs you have to pay at the pick-up of the car, unless previously we didn’t consult about a different payment method. The amount of the rent you can pay in cash, or by credit card. (In the latter case you have to be aware that the amount of the renting is higher approx. 10%).

In case of corporate rental payment it is possible to transfer the money. In the case of transfer payments the fee should be appear on the bank account of our car rental before the start of the rental period. If you clear your renting in advance, we don’t count separately charge.

If I extend my rental time when need to pay the rent?

In the case of some day extension you can pay the difference at the drop off time. In case of permanent lengthening you have to settle the amount in advance.

The rental fee includes the usage of the highway?

Yes, but only the Hungarian motorway fee. However, it doesn’t include tolls abroad, our staff can provide information about these.

What insurance is included in the rent?

The rental fee includes mandatory and against breakage and theft insurance. The contribution is 20%, but not less than 200,000 HUF/700EUR per damage event.

What does mean the lower deductibles?

In case of reduction of the deductible the renter has the lower financial liability, case of breakage you can reduce it to 10% (50,000 HUF ). The lower deductibles costs minimum 30.000 HUF or 3,000 HUF / day. However, neither the basic insurance nor the lower deductibles will not cover any of the interior damage, tires, rims, antenna, internal trigger, car keys, registration certificates loss, damage caused by the improper use of biofuels.

Is there comprehensive insurance (casco) on the cars?

Yes, all our rental car are casco insured. Basically, in case of the casco damage the financial liability of the renter is 20%, minimum 200,000 HUF/700EUR. This is valid if the driver of the rental car is the responsible or if the driver, who caused the accident, can’t be held to the compensation (eg. do not have a damaging people).

When can I pick up and drop off the rental car?

Our car hire service is available 0-24 hour for customers. The opening period take from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.. Delivering and returning the car outside the opening hours have extra fee, it costs 9.525 HUF.

Can I pick up the car at the airport?

Yes of course. On request, our staff deliver the car to the parking place at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Because the airport parking is very expensive, direct pick up/drop off at the airport has extra cost of 3,000 HUF.

Our car rental premise is located 5 minutes from the airport. Pick up/drop off the here is free of charge.. We provide free car shuttle to and from the airport.

Can I reserve a certain type of car?

We do our best to ensure that renters receive the type of car they want. But we can only add booking to category. If for some reason we don’t have any free car in such category, we give you a higher category car with unchanged rental rates.

Can I take the rental car abroad?

Yes, but you have to inform about it – as well as select countries – when you book the car. Entry to the following countries are NOT allowed:: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia The border exit costs of 10,000 HUF per country.

What happens if the car is stolen?

Each rental car has base breakage and theft insurance. In case of theft the rate of damages of the renter is 10% of the gross purchase price of the vehicle 10%, based on the purchase invoice.