Terms and Conditions

Prices are in Hungarian Forints, and are appearing in the contract in HUF also. Currency indicated on the offer are subject to change depending on the current exchange rate. We can issue the bill only in HUF.


General Terms :

General terms and conditions apply, which the customers accepts with signing the contract.

Age restrictions and driver’s license

Age limit is 21 years minimum and your license have to be at least 1 year old. You need to have a valid ID or passport with you. International driving license is required for a license issued with non-latin characters.

Additional driver

The vehicle solely for the person(s) lead who is listed on the contract. The renter and the additional driver must comply with the conditions set out in the “General rental conditions”.

Requested vehicle

The reservation is valid for the vehicle category only, we can not guarantee a specific brand.


The minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours). The rental fee – if different conditions are not indicated – include:

  • Insurance

  • Casco insurance with choice of deductibles under insurance contracts

  • Oil change, the cost of required maintenance,

  • Non-stop assistance and a courtesy car

Our company has support desk and service facilities at Budapest. After recieving the emergency call our collegaues will depart within an hour, repair the car or offer an exchange vehicle. After the emergency call it may take several hours for our colleagues to arrive to your location, depending of your distance from Budapest. The company can not be held responsible for the resulting damage. In case of unjustified emergency, the fee shall be paid by the customer. (See “out of hours, pick-up / drop-off” section), and the “traveling abroad” part.

Some tariffs include:

  • The Hungarian highway tolls

  • The unlimited mileage

Rents do not include fuel, the non-reimbursable excess (see “Insurance” section), repair costs resulting from misuse (eg, closed key) and all other other expenses during the rental period. In case of arriving more than 60 minutes late returning the rental will be charged an extra day. Weekend rates The weekend fee is valid from Friday 8:00 am to Monday 9:00 am, and can not be combined with any other discount.


The payment is valid with a credit card or embossed international credit card (Amex, Visa, Master Card). Payment of rental fee – unless different terms are not idicated at the start of rental, the payment must be made when you pick-up the car with a credit card or cash.

The bank card / credit card is deposited until the end of the rental period. Cash caution payment is not allowed. The deposit is 100.000 HUF ( 350 EUR). Amount varies in categories, for further information please contact our rental station.

Corporate rental payments are possible with bank transfers and are subject to agreement.

Transfer, pick-up / drop-off

The pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle is happening on our premises located only 5 minutes from the Budapest airport. Transfer is free of charge. Free on-site pick-up and drop-off within opening hours.

Direct pick-up and drop-off at the Ferihegy Liszt Ferenc Airport (Terminal Parking), 3.000 HUF (includes 30-minute airport parking) within opening hours.

In Budapest within opening hours 5.000 HUF.

Outside of the city (outside opening hours) is subject to agreement. The car should be delivered at least 2-3 hours before the departure of the aircraft to leave enough time to check the car and the required documents. We can not take responsibility for the delays or inconvinience caused.

Delivering and returning the Vehicle outside opening hours.

Opening hours 08:00 AM to 20:00 PM.

Delivering and returning the car outside the opening hours costs 9.525 HUF.

If you decide to return the vehicle out of opening hours, or in case of a failure you decide to leave the car, you will remain responsible for the vehicle until the colleagues arrive and test the car. We recommend that you thoroughly inspect the vehicle and make photographs. Park the vehicle in a safe/legal place. It is always advisable to ensure that the vehicle is checked by our representative, so that both parties are mutually agree regarding the condition of the vehicle.

Highway Tolls

The rental fee – if different conditions are not indicated – contains the highway fees. The price does not include toll fees to other countries. Our collegaues will gladly inform you about the prices.

Other charges

Cleaning fee

In case of 1-3-day-renting the rental fee doesn’t contain the cleaning fee. The normal cleaning costs 4.000 HUF.

Winterisation fee

According to the weather conditions, between the 1st of November and the 1st of March we fit our cars with winter tires, winter windshield washer fluid and ice scraper. The winterization fee is 3.000 HUF.

Company car tax

From 1st February 2009 all vehicles are taxable, which aren’t owned by an individual, by rentals the tax-payer is the renter. Tax obligation is valid from pick-up to returning date that corresponds with rental days. Instead of renter lessor collects, acknowledges and pays the tax, which means, that tax is not and income to lessor but a through accounting heading and lessor reduces renter company’s costs and time expenditure. Company car tax is 800 HUF / day, if less than 1600 cm3, for a maximum of 15 days per month (30 days), corporate tariffs usually include this tax.

Surcharge of deficiency

In case of deficiency the following surcharges will be charged.

  • Lack of vehicle documents (registration), missing reg plate 30.000 HUF

  • Lost keys: 120.000 HUF

  • Damaged or missing navigation system: 50,000 HUF

  • Missing visibility vest: 600 HUF

  • Lost Safety pack (warning triangle, health packs) : 6,350 HUF

Refueling, “empty tank” service

Rented cars are delivered with a full tank of petrol – if different conditions are not indicated –. By returning the car with missing fuel the customer will be charged with a refuelling service fee (1.270 HUF, VAT included). The cost of the “empty tank” service fee at the start of your rental is one full refueling. Without other costs depending on the type, more on this can be obtained from our colleagues.


Rental fee includes liability insurance and – if different conditions are not indicated – insurance against breakage and theft (CDW = Collision Damage Waiver and TP = Theft Protection). The non-reimbursable excess is – if different conditions are not indicated – 20%, but minimum 200.000 HUF or 700EUR /damage.

In case of the insurance is not accepted, the customer has full financial liability for breakage and theft. Must pay the full amount of the repairing costs. Damages of tires, wheels, antenna, door-step, roof, any failure caused by use of improper fuel, and any other damages of interior aren’t covered.

The tenant has financial responsibility for the car rental for those in the rental car resulting injuries that are not aware of the circumstances of creation, can not credibly prove the identity of the damage and the insurance company refuses compensation for damage caused by the tenant.

Damage administration fees

Administration fee: 15.000 HUF + VAT

If the damage exceeds 600.000 HUF, the administration fee will increase to 45.000 HUF + VAT.

If the tenant cause damage to other vehicles, must pay 105.500 HUF + VAT in addition to the deductible amount of the casco and the repair costs.

The tenant shall pay any damages that the insurance company will not pay to the owner / our company due to the renter’s negligence.

Excess Reduction

The excess ( customers financial liability ) can be reduced to 0% in case of windscreen damage and to 10% (50.000 HUF) in case of breakage. The fee for this option is minimum 15.000 HUF or 1.500 HUF/day. In case of long-term the price stands for 30 days. Does not cover the tires, wheels, antenna, door-step, roof damage, failure caused by missfueling or any damage done to the interior.

In the case of total damage and theft, the deductible insurance is not valid.

Traveling abroad

If the vehicle you wish to leave the country, you must indicate this during booking, if you fail to do this the company does not take responsibility for the inconvenience caused.

Entry to the following countries are NOT allowed:

  • Albania

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina

  • Bulgaria

  • Estonia

  • Belarus

  • Latvia

  • Lithuania

  • Macedonia

  • Moldova

  • Montenegro

  • Russia

  • Ukraine

  • Serbia

Border crossing permit fee (12.700 HUF / rental) if it is not redeemed and the car breaks down abroad, gets damaged or becomes incapable of moving all fees are charged to the customer. The rented vehicle can be dropped off at a predetermined address abroad at the cost of a separate fee. The delivery fee may differ from place to place. Please ask our collegaues for the rates.

Traveling abroad without permission

The tenant of the rented vehicle abroad may be carried out without prior permission of the Lessor. If this breach,it takes full financial responsibility for all damages arising.

So their vehicle and other damage caused by accidents, all a result of technical failure caused damage to the vehicle, and the vehicle for repatriation.

The car rental imposed any fine (for example traffic offenses resulting in fines), and payment of other costs related to the company’s co-payment charged to the tenant.

As well as financial responsibility for the car rental for those in the rental car resulting injuries that are not aware of the circumstances of creation, can not credibly prove the identity of the damage and the insurance company refuses compensation for damage caused by the tenant.

Additional Equipment

The following additional equipment can be used on request and is subject to availability:

  • Navigation system: 300 HUF/day, will be charged for a maximum of 20 days per month (30 days)

  • Child seat: 3.000 HUF / rental, in case of long-term the price stands for 30 days.

  • Winter Tyre Chains: 2.500 HUF / rental, in case of long-term the price stands for 30 days.

Declaration of Responsibility

By virtue of the modification of Act I of 1998 on Public Road Traffic in Hungary that will come into force on May 2, 2008, owner/user of the motor vehicle shall be responsible for petty offences committed with the motor vehicle. Pursuant to this modification, non-observance of traffic rules will imply severe punishments. Please pay attention of speed limits and other traffic regulations!

Due to the modification of the law, car rental companies shall be obliged to attach a documentary evidence to the rental agreement (a declaration) demonstrating the identification of the person who used the motor vehicle at a given time. Offender’s data shall be provided for the police authority that will act pursuant to the law and ensure the collection of penalty.

As of May 1, 2008, in Hungary the renter shall have to sign a declaration in all cases when executing a rental agreement that will be essential for the validity of the agreement. This declaration shall become a documentary evidence when signed by two witnesses at the time of concluding the agreement. Correct starting and ending date of rental period must be indicated on the declaration. This is the period that will be covered by renter’s responsibility. Correct data of the driver shall be given in all cases and address must be proven with an identity card with address/registration form with address. Only the person indicated on the ordering form/in reservation may receive the vehicle.

The fees specified above are subject to change. We work with personalized quotes.