Summer dangers

The school ended, it’s the summer. Driving in the heat has more danger: the drivers will be exhausted because of the warmth, the jams on the roads, or the disruptions.


What dangers can arise?

Climate problem
Probably through the winter, and may even through spring we didn’t use the car air conditioner. If you after the switching experience strange smells, if it only blows lukewarm air, or if it makes an unusual sound, it is likely that there is some trouble. It can be uncomfortable if you have to face in the heat that the climate doesn’t work.
What can you do? Check or checked over the car’s climate in early summer.


Hot steering wheel, shifter, and seats
If you stand with the car on the sunshine place for a long time the car can heat up. Sure everyone has been reported that the government or the transmission were so hot that you could hardly hold it. Likewise, the seats can easily become hot, especially the metal compartment of the headrest, and if you have leather seats the whole seat can overheat.
What can you do? The sun blinds protect the car against warming.


Plug, plug, plug
In the summer almost every weekend there is traffic jam, on Fridays from outside the city, to the lake Balaton, the lake Velencei, or even to Croatia, and on Sunday night is just the opposite, the highways are full towards urban areas.
What can you do? If possible, avoid the busier road sections in these times.

Traffic jam


Motorcyclists, cyclists
The weather is good, more and more rider, cyclists can occur on the road. Often, they don’t adhere to the traffic rules, especially the younger ones.
Pay attention to them!


In the summer heat often occur a suddenly commenced hail in a longer or shorter periods. Along the way, it can be quite uncomfortable, because the pieces of ice can cause damage to the car.
What can you do? Always have a blanket in the trunk, which in this case you can put on top of it to the car.


In summer there are a lots of bug, so if you pull over the window, you must count with that beetle flies to the car. In worse case, they sting, bite, which is not very pleasant while driving.
What can you do? Use air conditioner, so you can protect yourselves from the unwanted guests.


Highway sticker
If you don’t pay attention enough, easy to punish you. Abroad, in most cases, you have an easier job, since for the toll road sections you usually have to pay before you use it, at a gate.


A key issue
While beaching this is a still problematic question: what should you do with the ignition key? Where can you hide away until bathers? Today’s car keys can’t tolerate moisture so you must be protect it from water.
What can you do? You can take it in a class neck, waterproof bag, but almost nobody uses it. 🙂


In addition to these, many complicating factors wait for the drivers in summer such as the extreme warm temperatures, the bright sunshine, the appearance of farm machinery on the roads, as well as a puncture hazard due to heat.


Take care of each other and yourselves!