How to avoid fatigue while driving?

After a tiring workday you desire to finally get home. However, the driving, especially in the long term, be dangerous if you’re really exhausted.

Fatigue is a very common source of accidents. Fights against the fatigue while driving is always there, just consider, when you drive for several hours into a summer holiday destination, even without rest.

Early signs of fatigue are:

  • Yawn, eye-rubbing
  • Poor ability to concentrate
  • Painful / tired eyes
  • Unrest
  • Drowsiness, daydreaming
  • Slow reaction time
  • Frequency movement within the band
  • Feeling of boredom
The following few things can help you to overcome fatigue of driving:

– Let’s take a break
If you have a long way to go, take a break. Every 2-3 hours is advisable to keep a 20-minute break. In this case you can stretch your feet, can move a little, so you will be fitter and can come the next few hours… You can also set up the breaks in the GPS, so you don’t have to constantly pay attention to the time.

– Stop often
If possible, stop frequently: at least in every hour if only for a few minutes. Get out of the car and move a little, get some fresh air. It helps to stay awake.

– Avoid heavy meals
Before departure you have to avoid eating heavy meals. Sure everyone has experienced that after a large meal he will easily sleepy, so if you drive, don’t eat too much. If you’re hungry, eat some bite. It is better to stop often and eat a little, as at the same time a higher dose.

– Let’s stop at resting place
If you’re too tired, stop at a rest area. Let rest or sleep a bit and prepare to continue the driving. This is a much better solution than if you strive to achieve home as soon as possible. Rather relax in the car than fall asleep while driving…


fatigue while driving


– Drink coffee
One or two cups of coffee before / during driving have a beneficial effect on the body. Caffeine keeps you awake. It’s a better solution as energy drinks, what are harmful to health.

– Set the car “environment” ideal
You have to keep the temperature low, in summer you can use the climate system or open the windows, in winter don’t heat up the car much. Turn on the radio, but don’t listen to soft, hypnotic music.

– Pay attention to our posture (do not get too comfortable)
Lift up your heads, pull back your shoulders. Keep your feet into a 45-degree angle, don’t bend completely.

– Do not allow your eyes to become tired
Wear sunglasses at sunlight (but at night never use it).

– Break up the monotony
Turn on the radio for a while and then switch off. Let’s change your speed. Use chewing gum. Stretch out your legs occasionally. Let’s talk with yourself. Sing. Keep your eyes in moving.


If the above tips aren’t successful and you notice the signs of fatigue, then one solution is: you have to sleep. If there is no hotel nearby, pull over to a rest area, which is well-lit. Up to 20 minutes of sleep can also help to regain your fresh so much enough to get to a hotel.


What should you to pay attention before the travel?
  • Sleep a big (at least 7-8 hours)
  • Avoid to go for a long journey after working
  • Plan a regular pauses in the way
  • If possible, don’t start your journey at night
  • If possible, don’t travel alone – if there are more people in the car, you can drive in turn, or you even talk to the passengers, which also provides to stay awake
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs – the day before the tour don’t consume alcohol. Do not take any medication that may affect your driving capabilities

Along the way, even if you don’t feel tired, stop frequently to rest!