How to avoid getting a traffic ticket?

Nobody wants to be stop by a policeman. Nobody wants to get parking penalty during the vacation. Whether you drive in highway, rural road or busy city streets, you have to remember that the police is everywhere. Don’t be stupid – drive wisely.

Let’s see some tips to avoid penalties:

Keep the rules

It seem obvious, but the only way to avoid penalties is to follow the instructions. This isn’t as simple as seems, especially you are in a foreign country.

Every time you go abroad, look after the traffic rules of the country, especially the speed limits. Always use your seatbelt, turn signals, and avoid to drive if you already drunk alcohol.

Be polite

If you see a flashing police light in the rearview mirror, of course you will be nervous. But always stay polite and respectful towards the police.
In many places, the ID check is a routine process. The police may be looking for a vehicle that is similar to your car, or control the usage of seat belts and the driver’s alcohol level.

Do not fight, don’t show that you are nervous or that you hurry and do not speak beside the subject. Let the police to do his/her job.

traffic ticket

If the police stop you, follow these tips:

Misfortune it could happen that the police get you while speeding or break any other traffic regulations.

In this situation, do the following:

  • Stop, when we see the flashing police lights. Pull over with the car into a safe place, stop the engine.
  • Be polite, turn off the radio, GPS and any other devices which can interrupt the conversation, pull down the window.
  • Prepare your documents. If you drive a rental car, look for the papers from the car rental company.
  • Don’t refer to the fact that you don’t know it – as a driver you have to recognize the traffic laws.

One of the easiest way to avoid traffic penalties, if you are careful and drive defensive.

Watch the road signs and speed limits. Regularly check the rearview mirror and pay attention to other road users as well.