About the rear-view mirrors

Many driver use the automotive rearview mirrors incorrectly. But by adjusting the mirrors a significant part of blind spots could be eliminated.

In the most case we create the blind spots.

When we learn to drive, the instructors teach that we adjust the exterior mirrors to see the car side too. However, this conventional method causes a 2 dead space, which are large enough to hide a car.

The outer mirrors are significant overlaps with the inner mirror, therefore, it means that the 3 mirrors essentially performs the same space behind the car.


All mirrors have a specific task.

The interior rear-view mirror gives the best view of the road users behind us directly. Although the large rear headrests and passenger’s head can get in the way, but this mirror usually provides clear and wide view, you can see the road users in adjacent bands (e.g. in multi-lane highway).

rear-view mirror
The exterior mirrors mission is to uncover the cars that are next to use or slightly behind. So you must set them that there will be only a small overlap with the internal mirrors. When the car is out of the view of the inner mirror, you should see it in one of the outer mirror.


How to eliminate blind spots?

You must follow a few simple steps:

  • From the driver’s seat, turn your head of the driver’s window and adjust the left mirror so that you see a little part of the vehicle side in it.
  • Turn your head to the right and used the previous step in the passenger-side mirror as well.
  • Once you adjust the outside mirrors properly, make sure that you see in the focus of the interior rear-view mirror what is behind you.

The properly adjusted mirrors can minimize the time before of looking back before lane changing. In addition to the use of exterior mirrors use your peripheral vision to realize that motorists traveling next to you.