How to drive in freezing rain?

Everyone stay in your home. 🙂
If you decide to start a journey, be careful, cautious, and drive slowly!

What should you watch?

– Reduce speed.
Move slowly, in steady rate and don’t brake suddenly. If you don’t have more driving routine, be extreme careful.

– Avoid braking.
Just add a small gas if possible avoid braking – on icy roads the car can easy slip and become uncontrollable.

icy road

– Keep large following distance.
If you want to avoid braking, you can only slow to take off your foot from the accelerator, however, the braking distance will be much longer. The larger your following distance is, the more secure will be.

– Leave extra time.
Because you should drive more slowly, start earlier if you go to a specific date and do not want to be late. Avoid sudden accelerations – it only makes the dangerous situation even more dangerous.

– Pay attention to the salt / sand spreaders cars.
In bad weather conditions, the salt / sand spreaders cars responsible for maintenance of the road, and creating safer use. Do not try to overtake them, behind them, it’s a safer place. Be patient!

– Drive according to weather conditions.
With winter tires and 4-wheel drive vehicles may be easier to transport in freezing rain, but in the braking on ice there is no different. Don’t believe that you can accelerate and overtake other vehicles, only because you have four-wheel-drive car.

– Avoid sudden turns.
In bends the car can easily slip, so approach them slowly. In particular, in the sharp bends should be very careful.

– If you slip, do not rush.
If the car’s „nose” starts to slide, do not steer it even more. Instead, carefully try steer back a bit.
If the end of the car starts to slide, the situation is more dangerous, because it’s difficult to catch and you can easily get the other direction. Therefore, try to counter-steer the car, but only as long as it will stop. If is stops, slowly roll back the steering wheel to straight.

– Don’t use summer car tires.
On slippery road winter tires adheres better. But in freezing rain you should drive a car with right quality winter tires.

Icy car

Before you start:
  • Thoroughly clean the ice from the windows, next to the front and rear window from the side windows and mirrors too.
  • Check the condition of the wipers.
  • If you must, fill up the winter windshield fluid. Take a de-icing too.
  • Make some braking test at a low speed to test the capabilities of the car on the icy road.
  • Keep winter gear in your car, for example snow chains, sand, shovel, ice scraper.


The most important is the caution. Everyone be careful!