What should you do if you become a flat tire?

Many people think that the punctures are one of the most dangerous (mostly highway) situation. They think is for good reason, because of the puncture you can lose control of the car as well.

No matter how good driver someone or how safe the car, the puncture always means danger.

The good news is that nowadays the tires are made of better technology, thus reducing the chances of a puncture. But it can happen so it’s best if you know what you must do in case of puncture.


What to do in case of a puncture:

1. Don’t do anything hasty thing

Let’s look ahead and hold the steering wheel in the same direction, no matter how the car pulls to one side. If you got a flat tire, one corner of the car will be a few inches smaller and therefore very unstable.

But even worse, when the running surface of the tire separated, because in this case the car in the literal sense drag the remaining rubber behind the car. At first, it may not sound so bad, but it’s very dangerous. Therefore, the worst thing you can do at this time that pull away the wheel and turn away with the car.

2. Scroll to the gas

Sound strange? You know what happens when a puncture occurs? The friction between the punctured wheel and the ground is increased, and the car try to slow down as quickly as possible. However, this increased friction is concentrated only one corner of the car, so you can easy spins. You have to stabilize the car.

Do not press gas to the floor but clearly move the gas to compensate the sharp slowdown caused by a puncture.

3. Assess the situation

One corner of the car is lower? If so, which one? Yo need to know that the front or rear wheel became a puncture, and also that on which side.

Flat Tire
4. Calm down and slow down

Now you know which tire have the problem with .. move on. Then scroll down slowly next to the accelerator steady progress. If the car doesn’t slow down, you can brake lightly. But not too much, because it might upset the balance of the car, which can also cause spin. Ideally, the car will slow down without doing anything.

If the rear tire has a puncture, slow down even lower rate before we do anything because then you can lose the control over the car due the smallest movement of the wheel.

5. Pull over

If you reach slow speed is, gently pull over. Do not turn the wheel sharply, only slightly.


Think of a wheel like a rubber band, which you found on the sidewalk. If it is already a number of years there, it start to crack and lose its elasticity. The tires are not so dramatic, but still behave similarly. An underinflated tire pressure can easy cause a puncture.


  • If the car pulls to the right or left side and steering is difficult, the first tires has a trouble. The car always pulls to the damaged side. Don’t brake suddenly in no way.
  • If you drive a SUV or MUV-type car, the danger of rollover is extremely high, so pay particular attention to this.
  • Always hold both hands on the wheel. In dangerous situation you can difficultly control the car if only one is on it (and in the other, eg. a cup of coffee).
  • Try to stay as calm as possible. Do not panic.
  • Be careful on wet roads. Travel with a low speed in order to avoid punctures.
  • You have to understand that the car behaves very differently depending on the tire pressure. In case of punctures remain only three contact points instead of four, and therefore you should avoid any sharp action (brake, gas, steering wheel).
  • A punctured tire you have to take to a technician as soon as possible after you put up the spare tire. If you determine that you are unable to replace the tire, call a car rescue.