How to take care of motorcyclists as a car driver?

Spring will be there soon, which is almost synonymous with the appearance of motorcyclist, after nearly three months break, and here the miss is the focus. Maybe someone use it for years, but that break reduces everyone’s knowledge.

Therefore, drivers should pay attention better on the road, because in every year there are lots of motorcycle accidents during this period.

What should you watch for as drivers?

– The majority of motorcyclist choose gladly the halfway line as route, and of course there’s also crawling between the cars. Because of their size you can see them difficultly to and they can quickly change direction as well as drivers.

– It should be stated that the motorcyclist can legally use the bus line, and they can roll forward amongst the car lines at red lights.
So if there is a bigger line of cars and every driver runs left/right, you can follow their example, don’t stand deliberately on the opposite side to prevent the motorcyclist.

– In order to accident-free driving it’s important to try stay patient and look the traffic in the mirrors in case of movements within the lane. So you have a better chance to notice scooters, riders.

– Be sensitive to them, the “no only because” position has lead to many accidents. Unfortunately, the risk of motor personal injury is above average. The reason of it is that the two wheels corridors are not protected by any passive safety device.

motorcycle in road


Which errors make many drivers?

– Careless lane change

If the traffic is weaker, you tend to make quick lane changes. Even if you look in the rearview mirror at this time, the motorists are often in the blind sport of the mirror, so if you change lane always have to look around highly, because if you do not pay attention enough, you can easily collide with them.

– Swallowing left turns

Left-hand turns are similar then lane change. If you go faster and there is no traffic, you often cross the lane of the oncoming cars just to avoid slowing down. However, if suddenly appears a motorcyclist, who therefore had a little place in his lane, this makes a dangerous situation. Always pay attention to does not cut corners. Instead of, slow down into turn.

– Don’t respect priority rules

If you see stop or precedence table, stop / slow down and look around. Do not let go so that you didn’t look to the left and right, that there is a vehicle approaching on the road. Special pay attention to it, that is does not come a motorcycle, because it is less than a car, and if you look the road superficially, you can’t see them.

– Don’t take following distance

The motor accelerates and decelerates more than a car, so don’t go onto the bikers because when he suddenly brakes / stoppes the motor is not certain that you will be able to stand safely behind.


Take care of each other, either two or four wheel!