Teen drivers

The driving is “scary deal” for all people. Every day when we sit behind the wheel, swathe ourselves and hope for the best. But what about the teenagers who are doing the same thing?

In Hungary the Youngers can complete the road traffic exam three months before their 17th birthday, and the real traffic exams they can do from the age of 17.

In the last decade, the cars have become much safer and it reduced the number of accidents. But the teen drivers didn’t change, still just as dangerous. A high percentage of accidents cause by the 17-24 year age group.

Why are they dangerous?

  • They don’t turn on the seatbelt
  • They driving at night
  • They have no driving experience
  • The drive inadvertently
  • They drive sleepily
  • They drive irresponsibly


What are the main threats?

The most common causes of accidents are:

– Driving with friends: If we travel with more people, we tend not to pay attention to driving. The teens want to correspond to their friends instead of their parents. So if tehy are traveling with them, whether by day or by night, the temptation, and thus the risk of accidents is huge.

– Late-night driving: For experienced drivers can be stressful driving in the evening, at night, especially if they have to drive a longer distance. For the young people this can be more difficult due to lack of experience.

– Alcohol: During the parties, the majority of young people arrive by car, and drink alcohol despite the fact that they have to drive later. A lot of (fatal) accidents are caused by drunk, they often lose their rule over the car and end up in the ditch.

– Smartphones: Teenagers are especially prone to easily listen to anything else while driving. The phone pips and they begin to think about what happened, who wrote. The SMS and social media alerts are too tempting for young people to ignore. Even if they don’t watch their phone immediately, the cognitive distraction (when they have their eyes on the road, but in head they are somewhere else), has a large effect on the driver’s attention.

teen driver

– Their own thoughts: They are self-centered, so often ignore the threats and drive careless or irresponsible or just do not think about the consequences of a bad parking. They have no insight about what adults already have, how their behavior affects the others.

– Speeding and careless driving: Although speeding is less attractive among teen drivers than the previous points, but it doesn’t make it any less important.


According to an article on vezess.hu the most recent threats is making selfie while driving. The survey found that about a quarter of young drivers has already produced images of himself while driving, even filled up it from behind the wheel to a social media page. European research was conducted among 18-24 year-old drivers, the result is:

28-28 of Germans and Frenchmen, 27 in Romania, 26 percent in Italy has sinned thus. In Spain and Belgium young drivers are more careful, 18 or 17% of them posted a selfie from behind the wheel to Facebook, or other social site.

Source: vezess.hu


Some statistics:

According to another survey about young drivers..

  • 56% breached the speed limit,
  • 28% have been involved in an accident,
  • 14% lost control of the car at least once,
  • 12% lost his temper in traffic situations,
  • 14% drove after drinking alcohol,
  • 50% used phone while driving.

Source: veol.hu