Car sharing

The car sharing is becoming more common, both in Hungary and abroad.

Car sharing means that the car owners, for example, for the duration of their travel abroad, can take their cars to a car broker company such as rental cars. (Although in our view this isn’t car sharing, it’s car rental because the company leases the car to a third person for fee..)

For car owners car sharing usually offers free parking and a money-making opportunity, because just think about, airport parking is not cheap.

In some cases, even if they don’t earn money with the car sharing (because they can’t rent a car for that time), owners could save the cost of airport parking.

It’s main advantage is perhaps that the car is not unused, but …. Then who will benefit from this?


What is the disadvantage if we rent our car?

  • We don’t know who and how will use the car?
  • What will happen if the renter drive too hard and it will only reveals in the future?
  • Will compensate the low income for wears, sooner periodic service?
  • If the car is broken and the insurance doesn’t cover everything, who will pay the depreciation?
  • What are we going to use during the repair time?
  • If the renter cause an accident with the car, who will pay the higher insurance premiums?
  • If our car is stolen, can I get a same one?

In addition to the owner the renter may have a lot of doubt because from the borrowed car they don’t know anything, but even the broker company aren’t aware of the car’s life. Even if they review the car, they can find only the outer bugs, hidden or “is not important, I use it so” small errors are not going to turn out.


car sharing
Of course, every owner claims that their car is perfect, then a technical test, or in the case of a minor error in the service turns out that uh oh, there is a big trouble. Smaller knocking sound from the landing gear, screeching brakes can a sign of a greater trouble, not to mention the engine control lamp, which, when lit, does not indicate that it works!


In summary, both the owner and the renter take big risk during the “community car sharing.” The real benefit will not be theirs, it will take the car broker company.

The real car sharing can be good for short trips, especially for those who are looking for a car for a few hour roads inside the city, but in the case of a multi-day trip car hire is a better results.

Effective but unpredictable. Perhaps these two words can be characterized best the car sharing, which is essentially car rental, but it works outside the traditional framework. The renter doesn’t know what car will receive, the owner does not know in what state will get back the car. In the whole business the broker company could be the real winner if it can stay profitable.