The 5 worst driving conditions

The bad driving conditions even worn the experienced car drivers. Whether it’s a building operations or an unfavorable weather conditions or a combination of them, these all can override the driving instincts and therefore they often lead to wrong decisions.

Let’s see the five scariest and most frustrating driving situation:

1. Heavy rain

heavy rain

First time the rain doesn’t seem like a big problem, but we need to know that 30% of road accidents are caused by wet roads. The heavy rain decreases the visibility significantly. In rainy conditions the risk of the aquaplaning increases.

To preserve the safety of others and yourselves, slow down when the rain begins to fall. With a reduced speed you can control the car better, and can prevent unnecessary slipping.

2. Snow, snowfall


For many drivers the snow is an inevitable traffic conditions. The heavy snow reduces visibility, increases the stopping distances and the risk of accidents. But even a light snowfall can cause chaos on the roads.

The best way to be safe on the snowy road that you slow down. Be careful, take slow the sharp turns, leave sufficient following distance.

3. Ice, ice cover on the road


The ice can cause many accidents. The ice roads are very slippery, so before departure we must check the proper functioning of car brakes. Because of ice some parts of the road can be extremely slippery for example the curves, the sloping areas. Around the bridges, overpasses, tunnels we have to drive with extreme caution.

If you travel to an area where the ice roads are common, we choose a four-wheel drive car (if necessary rent a car). It is important to wash the vehicle before departure, especially for turn signals, lights, headlights.

4. Heavy traffic

heavy traffic

The strong traffic often involves the rage and the impatience. Not surprisingly, in this case the bumps and minor accidents are frequent. In plugs we can easily lose our heads, which can lead to serious problems.

Remain calm and act consciously. Use the turn signals, avoid rapid lane changes. Be careful, weigh up and judge the situation before you move.

5. Hail


The hail is one of the most dangerous traffic conditions, even it can cause damage in the vehicle. In case of hail it is best to stay at home, or if it goes along the way, go to an indoor location with the car.

If you can’t avoid not at all, turn on your headlights, slow down and look every crossing as if it would be a stop sign ahead.



None of drivers prefer the bad driving conditions. But don’t let it to disrupt your journey.
Do not panic. Stay calm, and be very careful, pay attention to yourselves and the others.