Summer driving advices

The summer is here, the holiday season is coming. More and more people take the road and because of this and the warm weather, accidents are more common.

What makes the summer driving difficult?
  • The increasing number of the teen drivers on the road: with the school ending the young drivers start taking the car out. Because of the lack of experience, in some situations they assess incorrectly, which could lead to an accident. According to statistics, the accident caused by young drivers are about the same percentage as all the other age groups combined.
  • Many people go on holidays, resulting in traffic jams.
  • The weather is good, therefore the road construction/maintenance begins all over the country.
  • Summer is the main season for motorcyclists and cyclists; we should pay special attention to them at this time.
  • The sun and the heat can be hard on our bodies, which can disrupt our concentration on the road.
  • In order to avoid overheating of the asphalt, rubble is scattered. It gives the road a decent grip but the small stones can bounce off the road, resulting in a cracked windshield, light or damaged body paint.
  • Be watchful of agriculture machinery as well. They often go on the road without proper lighting, which can be very dangerous at night.
  • Many accidents are caused even by the sun, the light-reflection as well. We should wear sunglasses, but not too dark, else we won’t be able to see the dashboard.
  • The hot air makes rubber expand, which can make worn tires split, resulting in a flat tire. Therefore, we should check the tires before the summer months.
  • Also due to the high temperature the car cooling system breaks down easier. The low level of coolant, leaking pipes and broken fans can all be hazards.
summer driving
What to pay attention during the summer driving?
  • Regularly check the condition of tires and tire pressure. If we see damage on the tires, repair or change them.
  • If there are additional passengers or luggage, we can increase the tire pressure.
  • Regularly check the coolant reservoir and the fluid level within it.
  • Also pay attention to the engine oil, washer fluid and, of course, the fuel level too, especially if we go for a long journey.
  • Accidents can occur at any time, so before we start on the road, check first aid kit and if the required accessories are included.
  • Check the lights: brake light, indicators and headlights.
  • Drive carefully after the rain, the road might be slippery.
  • Keep to the following distance and speed limits.
  • Plan the trip so that there will be one less source of stress.

The preparation of the car is only half of the process. We ourselves must also be prepared to travel.

  • Keep a lot of breaks, especially if there are children in the car. We can relax a bit and the engine can also cool down. The heat makes you exhaust quicker, so keeping short, but many breaks is recommended.
  • Before the road, we should check the expected weather and traffic.
  • Be calm, don’t rush, it’s not worth it.
  • It’s a good idea to leave early to avoid any traffic jams, but don’t drive if you’re too tired. The cause of most of the accidents is that the driver falls asleep behind the wheel early in the morning. Before leaving, have a big sleep; avoid heavy meals and alcohol consumption.
  • Make sure that the kids have something to do. Give them toys, books, etc .. Which keep them busy, so they don’t disturb us while driving.
  • Get dressed appropriately for driving: Do not wear loose sandals or stay barefoot.

If we keep to the tips above, many accidents can be prevented. I wish safe driving and a wonderful holiday for everyone! 🙂