Spring car cleaning tips

Spring is fast approaching and you need to start your car clean-up after a long and dirty winter. The cars go through a lot of things during the winter – snow, ice, salt, sand, slush, gravel – and they collude that the cars can become very dirty both outside and inside.

What should you look for?


– Clean the seats and upholstery
While in some luxury car there are leather seats, the most driver is sitting in upholstered seat. A lot of salt and dirt could get to the seat from your coat or trousers. Wipe the seats with warm, damp cloth. We don’t recommend to use cleaning products or chemicals. The water is universal cleaner and for good reason, it works perfectly and it is harmless almost all surfaces. If the stain is really stubborn, add a little detergent to the water. If you have the opportunity, use carpet cleaning machine.

– Check under the seats
If you have a general method to clean the car, it can be hard to spot these sites. From old coffee cups and children gloves it’s amazing how many things you can find under the seats. Tilt the seat forward and backward as much as possible and clean the area below.

– Do not forget parts under the carpet
It is clear thing that the rubber mats you can clean with high pressure water. But very few people take the effort to pick the carpet and clean below it. Although under the carpet much salt, gravel and dirt can accumulate.

– Clean out the trunk
A lot of stuff can accumulate in the car during the winter. From ice scraper through empty washer fluid bottles to old blankets, a lot of things can be in the trunk. Clean it up from “winter disorder”. Vacuum the trunk.
This is a good time to check the spare tire that it’s in good condition or not and it’s important that the first aid kit can also be right.

– Wipe your dashboard
Wash it gently. Avoid that the electrical connections get wet, but wipe them properly. Clean the cup holder as well. Use a damp cloth to wipe the top of the dashboard, but be careful, let it thoroughly dry.


cleaning car dashboard


– Look under the hood
You probably never cleaned the car under the hood. Although the leaves, sticks, debris and dirt can enter the engine compartment, and if they stay there for a long time, can cause problems. Simply pick them up, and if you get there, wipe the edges of the engine or some major parts.

– Clean the windows
After the winter road conditions, the windows need a little extra attention. Clean them with window cleaner inside and out. Wipe with a dry towel. Apply the same on the mirrors.
After a harsh winter, many vehicles need new wiper. Travel with only a well-functioning especially in strong in the heavily rainy spring weather.

– Clean the wheels
Pay particular attention to the wheels. Remove the wheel trims and wash them. It’s a good time to check the tire pressure and tight the wheel nuts.
– Wash the headlights and rear lights
There are few things that can be so dirty during a harsh winter as the headlights and rear lights. Most drivers still pay less attention to them. As long as the lights are working and the bulb don’t burn out, they don’t worry. However, these lamps are extremely important for night visibility and safety.
Get a warm, damp cloth and wipe the front headlights and rear lights as well. Thus, other motorists and motorcyclists will see us from afar.

– Wash the car from the outside
Let’s look at the exterior of the car. A good thorough washing is often enough, but make sure that the car wash was thorough and removed the accumulated dirt from the cracks and edges too. Use a soft towel and wash the car with mild detergent around.


washing car


– Wax in the car
If you wash the outside of the car, all salt comes down. After washing it’s a good idea to wax the outer surfaces. It isn’t recommend to use it all the time, but once or twice a year – especially during the spring – it’s a good idea. The wax has several advantages: insulates the paint, gives the car a glossy surface and it is resistant to water droplets.
Select a spray or liquid to achieve the best results. If you buy a new product, try it on a more hidden body panel to test that it works properly or not. If you prefer to take your car into a car washer, choose an option that includes a wax spray or coating at the end.

– Clean the area under the car
The best way to prevent that the car protect from rusting if you clean the bottom areas. For the bottom cleaning the best time is after the winter period. All kinds of salt, dirt, gravel, mud can under the car, which you can be easily remove with the high-pressure hose. But it is worth at least once in the spring to take the car to a car washer to get a more thorough bottom cleaning.


Let you an afternoon to clean the car. If you do this, you could make sure that the car will be in the best possible condition for the upcoming summer months.

Although these tips are important, the spring may require other maintenance work:

  • If necessary, exchange oil
  • Test the air conditioning: is it working properly?
  • Check the lighting system, both external and internal space
  • Replace the tire if it they don’t keep the air properly
  • Replace the wipers if needed


In addition, the spring is a great time to take the car into a car service to a quick inspection and general maintenance. Check everything by a mechanic, because due to the winter bumpy, potholed roads small adjustments may be necessary.