Snow chains

If we go on a holiday in the winter, snow chains are important add-ons for our car, and on certain roads they are required. They have to fit the size of the tire and we should fit it on the curved part of the tire.

Snow chains
Some information about the snow chains:

Why is it important?

If there is crisp, fresh snow outside, winter tires can work, but if there are several layers of snow and ice, we can still handle the car, but turning and braking is more difficult.
In this case we need something that clings to the road, like the snow chains. With it you can drive safely and confidently on snow-covered roads. The snow chains we use today has a multi-directional chain pattern.

How to fit it?

It’s not easy, so if we have the chance, we should ask an expert for assistance. Before a long journey, we should test is, so we can see how they work, are they tight enough, etc. If they are too tight, the wheel can damage and driving with damaged tires is dangerous.

Important things:

  • If we use snow chains, the maximum allowed speed is 50 miles per hour.
  • The stopping distance increases and the control of the vehicle becomes difficult.
  • In Hungary, we have to use it on roads marked with “Snow chains required”.
  • The electric assitance is less effective, so its recommended to turn for example the ESP off.

In Austria, Lika and Gorki Kotar (Crotia) it is required to use snow chains if there are several layers of snow and ice.
In Serbia und Slovenia we should use it at 5 cm thick layer of snow.
In Italy, snow chains are required on the road to the ski resorts.