What should you do when you are in a rental car accident?

First, take a deep breath. Accidents can happen to anyone.

If you’re not sure what to do, ask for guidance from co-workers of the rental car company.



You have to listen for the following items:

– Most important you have to make sure that everyone is okay
If anyone is injured call an ambulance.

– Inform the police about the accident
If no one was injured, but there is the material damage, call the police. The accident report, what they give for you, preserve well, because the car hire company will need it.

– Immediately notify the car rental company about the accident.
After all, if you can’t continue to drive the car, they maybe provide a replacement car.

– Take pictures about the scene
Whether you the wrong, or not, make a few photos of the accident, the cars.

– Change insurance data
Ask the other’s insurance information.

– Collect witnesses, if it’s possible
Ask for their name, phone number, or ask them to stay at the scene until the arrival of the police.

– Fill out the car rental company’s accident form
This can be found usually in the glove compartment or in the pocket of the front door.

– Call your own insurance company
Inform them of the situation. Before you rent a car, make sure that you have a personal automobile insurance, which provides coverage in the event of accidents.

– Check what insurance is included in the rental contract signed by you
By many car rental companies you can choose additional insurance services. For example, in case of lower deductibles the deductibles can be much less in return for an extra daily charge. Most car rental company’s standard insurance includes breakage insurance, which covers car damages, regardless of whether you were the fault or not.


If you didn’t accept the insurance in the car rental contract, your financial responsibility expand to the total cost of repairing of the damage.


Whether you were the fault or not, you have to pay the deductibles to the car rental. In many cases the amount of deposit may cover it.