Rent a car for foreigners in Hungary

For tourist and guests visiting Hungary on a holiday or for business, car rental companies offer a safe, comfortable and elegant way to travel.

They save our guests all the discomfort caused public transport and taxi companies and make traveling in Hungary comfortable and enjoyable right from arriving at the airport.

Car rental companies can offer the freedom and comfort our precious guests need and deserve. For our VIP clients and business partners, they provide cars with drivers.




Make sure you tell your car rental company that the car will be used by a foreigner before signing the contract. If you rent a car for foreigners, either rent a car in your own name and indicate that your guest is the additional driver or rent a car in your guest’s name.

You will need the following documents:

  • Passport.
  • Valid driving license.
  • Minimum age of 21.
  • Embossed bank card.
  • Proof of Address in Hungary.
  • Proof of Permanent address.