Why choose a manual transmission car instead of an automatic?

No doubt, the car with automatic transmission is clearly reach world domination.
The numbers of automatic car sales are growing, in some countries the automatic transmission already fit as standard includes.

Why would you rather choose a manual transmission-equipped car?


Manual transmissions have lower maintenance costs.  For beginners, a modal shift is less complicated (as some people say) and there are fewer opportunities to spoil. Of course if the gear change is wrong the clutch can damage.

– Manual transmissions use transmission oil or engine oil in most cases. Unlike the transmission fluid of automatic cars it doesn’t damage so quickly and you don’t need replace it so often. Some manufacturers say that the manual transmission fluid can’t be replaced until it doesn’t leak or the car hasn’t been repaired.

– The manual transmission cars are generally more fuel-efficient. Depending on driving style and road conditions, drivers can improve up to 15% of consumption. And because these vehicles are more efficient in higher grade, the short acceleration time and quick turn-up aid is essential to achieve the best fuel consumption. In fact, the manual transmission can accelerate better than automatic.

– A car with manual transmission you can control better. The torque converter is not carry continuously forward so you can brake more easily. It is much easier to use engine braking or slowing down the motor as well. In bad weather condition or dangerous traffic situations it might be important.


Manual Transmission


– You can save money – the manual transmission cars are much cheaper than the automatic. If we have to replace the gearbox in an automatic car its costs can be up to several hundred thousand forints. For manual transmission we have to pay only a fraction of this.

Less distracting thing – Tap phone / phone calls while driving is almost as dangerous as drunk driving. If you have a manual transmission car, you need both hands to drive. Of course, it’s possible to do another thing, but it’s more difficult than in the case of an automatic transmission car. For this reason, a temptation to write an SMS, not use, tweet etc .. is not as strong. Unfortunately many people only learn on hard way to pay attention to the road, and not to a mobile device.

– The manual transmission gives some kind of feeling of success – Many people choose an automatic transmission car, because they believe that it is difficult to manually switch and there are too many things at the same have to pay attention to. In theory it’s easy to learn it, but the practice is harder. But it is only a matter of decision. At first, it happens that the car stops, or you change wrong, but you’ll just laugh at these after a lot of practice.

Versatility (the driver, not the car) – if you know how to drive a manual transmission car, you are not limited to automatic cars. Until there will be a situation where you need to know to drive a manual transmission, you can’t even believe that this can be very important.



– It can be difficult to learn how to operate a manual transmission. Young drivers often take a long time to experience a shift change, the timing of it and other basics.

– Unlike an automatic transmission-equipped car, driving the manual transmission car in hilly area can be less comfortable or even terrifying, depending on your driving style.

– The clutch pedal operates the gearbox, the experience is that in some cars the clutch is hard, and you need to push it harder. Over time, this may occur leg pain, or joint aches.


Learning to use the manual transmission requires time and patience. But such a car is more reliable and the repair is less expensive, as well it offers a much higher driving experience.