Car rental with GPS in Budapest

Budapest is a beautiful city; there are a lot of tourist attractions and great nightclubs. But because of its size, the transport is difficult, even for some of the locals too. For example, there are 12 bridges crossing the Danube to collegiate the 2 parts of the city.

For the visitors it can be hard to decide which crossing points to choose to reach their destination. The flight-flooded streets, the charming restaurants are very attractive, but it can be unpleasant if we get lost during sightseeing and we just keep wandering aimlessly for hours as a result.

Therefore, we recommend to rent a car with GPS so you won’t get lost in Budapest. This way you can enjoy the beauty of the city, traveling between Pest and Buda. You can admire the most famous and beautiful bridge: the renovated Széchenyi Chain Bridge.

With GPS you can easily walk around the Heroes’ Square, the castle of Buda and other attractions in less-known places, because you know that you will actually go where you want to go.




The GPS-equipped car is a huge help not only in Budapest but in the countryside too. You can choose the shortest way to reach your destination and you can also find out if any of the roads have tolls. GPS also predicts road jams, this way we can save a lot of time. The more vigilant drivers could find their way when it comes to toll roads because it was obvious that the motorway has a toll and the rest don’t.

However, starting 2015 other than motorways got tolls, so it’s much more difficult to filter out which roads we shouldn’t use. In such cases it’s recommended to use a GPS to avoid these roads or to confirm if we need to pay to use those roads.

In foreign countries as a tourist we prefer to look at the landscape instead of the road signs or the drawing board sized maps. Sure it’s adventurous to get lost, but only few people like these kind of surprises. The GPS navigation system is very useful and comfortable, so we recommend to use it in any situation. Whether you would like to rent a mini or a normal car, please ask for a GPS too!


Car navigation system


In Budapest, there are a lot of one-way streets. They can cause more than one issues: if we go into it, we can’t simply turn back and go out in the other way or if we manage to go into a one-way street despite the ban, we could get a very serious penalty.

People who are not familiar in the area can easily run into this mistake especially because the small narrow streets‘ signs are not poster sized. In this case, a GPS can be great to warn us regarding the street rules in time.The biggest extra is that we can save 50.000 HUF, because this is the penalty for missing a “Right turn forbidden” board. So pay attention to the GPS, it will alert us kilometres before.

During our journey in a foreign place we easily collect some unwanted speed cam pictures. If we have a GPS, this will not happen as the device keeps us updated about the speed limits, diversions and roadblocks.

The GPS provided by Pocket Rent a Car has other great functions in addition to basic functions. You can listen music, watch a video or read an E-book, so it’s also entertaining when not on the way. It’s important to note that the GPS can not only search only for exact address but we can set it up to show gas stations, restaurants or rest areas too. So you can see that it’s also useful when we are about to run out of petrol or if we are hungry or want to relax after hours of driving.