What do you take care of before rent a car?

Check before you book!

We have to explore the offers of the different car rental companies. If we identified the most favorable for us, we have to think about the extra services and equipment we need. Ask for information about what the rental fee exactly contains and what do we need to pay extra for before rent a car.

The security deposit

Ask about the deposit. It provides coverage in case of damage in the car as a result of improper use. Usually the companies ask embossed credit card, which is suitable for international purchases. In this there is blocking of pre-set amount as collateral. If there is no injury, the amount will be returned at the end of the contract.

Additional services and hidden costs

We have to read the terms and conditions carefully before booking signing the contract. It’s possible that the final price is different from the reservation fee. If this happens ask for the reason. It’s possible that the offer didn’t include hidden costs, for example company car tax or winterization. Sometimes we take some extra services which bring additional costs, for example asking for a chain, a child seat, adding more drivers or if we claim the reduction of the insurance deductibles, but even the extra insurance can be an extra expense.

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Pay attention to the following too:

At the delivery we always have to check the state of the car – pay attention to external and internal damages. Make sure that the car contains the extra equipment (child seat, GPS, first aid kit). We have to record this on paper, because the company may be charged extra for any damage or shortfall, which hasn’t been fixed. Pay attention to the fuel levels when renting! If we bring the car back with less fuel they usually charge more than what it would cost us to refuel it. Ask what type of the fuel we have to use, because the damage resulting from the wrong fuel will also be charged.

In case of technical problems, accidents

The rental companies always give us cars in excellent technical condition, but accidents can happen. If we find any abnormality we need to inform the company about it immediately. The 24-hour full-service assistance is already available everywhere. We mustn’t repair the rental car ourselves. In case of accident write the names and addresses of the involved people, and if it’s necessary call the police. The company will come to the place and provide a replacement car.
If we plan on crossing the border, talk about it with the rental company beforehand. Because crossing the border might result in separate fee or other type of insurance will be required (the cross-border assistance service is surcharging). We should also know which countries we can enter in a rental car. The terms and conditions of the rental determine which countries forbid the entry.

If we are aware of these (before rent a car) we won’t encounter unpleasant surprises and can enjoy the convenience of rental cars.