Privacy Policy and Terms of Use


The provisions detailed below are available on the website (hereinafter: Website) operated by Pocket Car Magyarország Kft. (Headquarters: 1182 Budapest, Somlókert street 17 / A, company registration number: 01 09 263859, hereinafter: Operator) (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”).

By visiting (opening) the Website at the same time the User accepts the following Privacy Policy without limitation or reservation.
The Operator respects the rights of the personal data of the persons who visit the Website.

1. The Operator treats the personal data by the User in the framework of voluntary data provision confidential, solely use it for the purposes of identifying each individual User and for the performance of the service to the extent required for successful execution.

2. By providing voluntary provision and subscribing to the newsletter, the User expressly agrees that the Operator sends newsletter to the User’s electronic mail about his services except when the User requests expressly disabling the above messages. The User may disable the sending of newsletters at any time.

3. The Operator shall not pass the personal data of the Users to any third party except as provided by the User or the reporting obligation is required by a statutory provision.

4. The Operator declares that the information obtained through the Website is handled in accordance with the applicable Hungarian law, in particular with respect to the provisions of the Data Protection.

5. The Operator keeps the data provided by the User safely and takes precautions to protect the User’s personal data or to prevent his loss, unauthorized use or modification.

6. In order to improve the Website’s effectiveness, Anonymous Visitor ID (COOKIE) is used. On the computer of the Website Users will be provided with a cookie (COOKIE) to help a program can analyze the Website including information about how to use the Website. Data is analyzed anonymously, not identifiable.
The information obtained is used only by the Operator to improve the services or the Website. User and event data retention time is 26months.

The Website User accept data handling by opening the Website, or if they want to exclude it, they can set it in the web browser to prevent “COOKIE” from being saved on the hard disk.

7. The Operator immediately deletes the User’s personal data at the request of the User, sent by electronically or by mail to the Operator.


The Operator reserves the right to make changes to the contents of the Website or this Privacy Policy at any time. You can keep up-to-date on the current Privacy Policy under the “Privacy Policy” section of the Website.



1. The purpose of the data management is to provide the service (s). In the provision of the Service:

(i) identify the customer / user, distinguish it from other customers / users;
(ii) contact;
(iii) facilitate the customization of the Service;
(iv) send a message related to the Service;
(vi) in the case of a separate contribution, direct marketing or marketing (e.g. newsletter, eDM,.);

2. Recording and processing of personal data based on the User’s voluntary contribution. Marketing contributions are recorded separated and can be separated from the customer base.

3. Only the User is responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of personal data.

4. To facilitate user interaction, various cookies (e.g. a session or permanent browser cookie, flash cookie, etc.) may be placed.



A. Modifying, deleting and locking data
1. User can modify or request the correction of the information at any time by contacting us at the “Contact” section of our Website.

2. The User may request the deletion or blocking of his / her personal data on the specified contact (s) and mode (s) (by email, etc.) except for mandatory data management.

3. The personal data of the User will be deleted if their handling is suspected of being illegal (eg in a Competition Laws or in a criminal offense law); the purpose of data management has ceased; or the statutory deadline for storage of data expired; it is ordered by the court or by the National Data Protection and Information Authority; or if the data processing is incomplete or incorrect – and this status can’t be legally remedied – provided that cancellation is not excluded by law. The special information is not recorded by our system and will be automatically deleted.

4. Any contribution to the sending of a business advertisement for a direct marketing or marketing request by type of inquiry (e.g. newsletter, e-DM, etc.) can be withdrawn free of charge at the bottom of the letter, in the same way as the subscription, without limitation or justification. Data management related to a customer can’t be terminated as long as the laws require privacy obligations.

B. Request for information
1. The User has the right to request information about his / her personal data at

2. If User requests Pocket Car Magyarország Kft. provides information on data relating to the User, which he managed in conjunction with the specific Service and processed by a contracted data processing, the source of the data, data management purpose, legal basis, duration of the data processing names, addresses, activity related to data management, the legal basis and the addressee of the data transmission according to the complaint handling rules.

C. Protest against the handling of personal data
1. User may object to the handling of the personal information

(a) if the processing or transmission of personal data is only necessary to comply with a legal obligation of Pocket Car Magyarország Kft. or to enforce the legitimate interests of the data controller or third party, expect compulsory data handling;
b) the use or transfer of personal data is done for direct business acquisition, polling or scientific research; as well as
c) in other cases specified by law.

2. If data management (e.g. accounting) is prescribed by law, the data controller can’t delete the User’s data but he doesn’t transfer the personal data to the data recipient if he or she agrees with the protest or has found the right to protest.

D. Legal remedy
Any interested party may contact in case of alleged infringement of personal data the competent court or the capital to the Municipal Court of Budapest or initiate an investigation with the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (Chairman: Dr. Attila Péterfalvi, 1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22 / C., + 36-1-391-1400,

Activities of external service providers
Some external service providers handle the data according to their own data management rules.

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The provisions detailed below are available on the website (hereinafter: Website) operated by Pocket Car Magyarország Kft. (Headquarters: 1182 Budapest, Somlókert street 17 / A, company registration number: 01 09 263859, hereinafter: Operator) (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use”).

By visiting (opening) the Website at the same time the User accepts the following Terms of Use without limitation or reservation.



1.1. The Operator assumes no responsibility for any damage – mainly caused by computer viruses which occurred during the entry, use of the Website on the User’s computer or other equipment owned. Based on the above, the User is obliged to ensure proper antivirus protection prior to downloading the documents and information contained on the Website.

1.2. The Operator is not responsible for any behavior (especially damage) resulting from improper, unlawful use of the Website.

1.3. The User is responsible unconditional and unlimited against both the Operator and third party data of the truthfulness and legality of information provided by the User’s. The User is liable for unlimited liability for damages resulting from violating the above provision.

1.4. It is forbidden to use any system or solution that aims to fail the servers of the Website or result in, or which otherwise endanger or jeopardize the operation of the Website.

1.5. The Operator does not examine the content of the sites that provide a link to view. The Operator assumes no responsibility for the content of these off-sites. The risk of any off-site opening (linking) is borne by the User.



2.1. The content of the Website (e.g. trademark, text, data, video, audio, image, etc.), the external appearance of the Website and the software used for the operation of the Website is the sole intellectual property of the Operator, it may only be used with the prior consent of the Operator, whether online, printed or otherwise.

2.2. Some parts of the Website can be saved or print for individual use. However, prior authorization does not constitute a consent (license) for the reproduction, distribution, access (download), storage, or any revision of downloaded material for commercial purposes.

2.3. Images and other intellectual products on the Website may be used by the User or a third party solely with the permission of the Operator. Their use without permission is in violation of copyright and privacy laws.

2.4. For violations of this clause the User belongs unconditional and unlimited liability.


The Operator reserves the right to make changes to the contents of the Website or this Terms of Use at any time. You can keep up-to-date on the current Terms of Use under the “Terms of Use” section of the Website Privacy Policy page.